Sunday, 12 August 2012

LaPerle Community League Day September 15

10am – 2pm Community Garage Sale and Perennial plant swap

Rent a table for$20.00 or a spot in the parking lot for $30.00 to sell your treasures. There is a $10.00 clean-up deposit.  At the end of the day, you can use the big bin instead of packing up everything again. 

Bring in your perennial plants to share with others and help your selves to different perennials, -free!  Plants should be in a sturdy pot, clearly labeled and not a noxious weed (see       

11am – 3pm Big Bin Event and Eco Station Run

Dump off any unwanted large household items that can’t be set out for regular collection in our big bin for free (with a community membership). Items such as old couches, mattresses, old furniture and yard waste may be brought to the LaPerle community big bin. Batteries, paint, computers and appliances will be taken to the Echo station.

10am-3pm and 6pm – 9 pm Memberships For Sale

Purchase your LaPerle community membership today, and be eligible to win fantastic prizes! Make your purchase by 7:30 to be entered into the draw.

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Dancing, Crafts and Games

The amazing Trevor Eliott will DJ and Michaels’ will lead a craft in the newly renovated hall.  Go green team will help with recycling and play games outside and the city of Edmonton leaders will play more games outside.

7:00 pm. Bike Parade

Decorate your bike and join the parade (helmets mandatory) prizes awarded for the best creation

7:30 pm  Communities in Bloom, Bike Parade awards and membership draw (buy a membership before 7:30 and you will automatically be entered to win a prize.)

9:00 pm Spectacular Annual Fireworks

Rainout day is Sept. 16th however, the big bin event will go on Sept. 15th, rain or shine.

LaPerle Community League Day Volunteer Opportunities: